Davydenko took the baton

Today, the weather in Paris was not much better than yesterday. All day again, only 7 matches were played. And again, the first winner of the game of the day was the Russian - Nikolai Davydenko.

1 match

Only one meeting of the men's net took place today at the Roland Garros courts. To become the first and only winner was Nikolay Davydenko. Probably, Kolya was impressed by yesterday’s game of Marat Safin and decided to take an example from him. The Russians got almost twin matches - 6: 1, 6: 3, 6: 1 for Safin and 6: 3, 6: 1, 6: 1 for Davydenko. True, Nikolai did not succeed in breaking the time record of Marat - he needed 6 minutes more to win.

191 minutes

Players and spectators had to wait more than three hours for the start of the first match of the second gaming day.


This amount in euros will be received by each player who leaves the competition after the first round. The official website recalls that men and women will receive the same prize for the first time in the history of Roland Garros.

31st “seeded”

It was under this number that the Frenchwoman Severin Bremont started at the home tournament. And for the first time she had the honor of getting into the number of seeders at the Grand Slam tournament. But, apparently, this number turned out to be unfortunate for Severin - in the first round she lost to her famous sister - Michaela Krycek. Bremont also became the first seeded in the female part of the tournament grid, which dropped out of the competition.

450 aces

Ivan Lubichich, the main “serve” of our time, in his first match sent to the side of his opponent, Arno Clement, the jubilee 450th ace for the season. Tomorrow, the Croat will be able to add a few more aces to this amount, because the match was not played out due to rain. By the way, last season Lyubichich set a record - 929 aces in 78 matches, i.e. about 11 aces per match. And this season, Ivan is ahead of schedule - an average of 13 aces per match.


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