Khimki - a typical team shooting in the debut season "

Former footballer and football commentator Dmitry Gradilenko about the fictitious heat, the underestimation of Khimki and Oborin's talent - in the expertise of the 11th round of the Russian Premier League.

About hot Saturday

After the match with CSKA, the Zenit players complained about the heat, which is worse tolerated on the Luzhniki artificial turf. In particular, Malafeev said that it was hard for him to stand on such a hot field. But all these statements can not justify the defeat of “Zenith”, because the lawn was hot for both teams. Wasn't CSKA hot? It is clear that the army team used to play on an artificial field, but it was not always so hot. CSKA played very carefully in all lines, and Zenit played well only in moments, and this is not enough to defeat CSKA. In addition, Mandrykin played a brilliant game. I can’t even say when he played so well. Because I did not remember how he played before, and no one remembers. It’s like Mandrykin made his debut and now all his successes will be perceived as the first - for so long he did not play football at the highest level.

About the joys of the first season

Khimki this year is a typical newcomer to the Premier League, which shoots in its debut season. The same situation last year was with Luch, or with the same Spartak from Nalchik. Nobody took the team from Vladivostok seriously last year, they tried to beat it in the classroom, and not everyone succeeded. The same with Khimki. Many rivals underestimate the capabilities of this team, believe that the matches with them will be passing, and this is burning. In addition, Khimki strengthened well before their debut in the Premier League - they bought many national team players, albeit not the strongest ones. So the successes of Khimki are mainly determined by their first season, including a devastating victory over Spartak. By the way, this year Luch has already studied everything in the Premier League and learned to play against it - including in Vladivostok. And all because they stopped surprising, the game remained last year, and it no longer works. And here, in my opinion, the matter is in the coach. We know that Sergey Pavlov is an excellent organizer, that all his clubs were very strong teams, but nothing more. Pavlov with Luch again reached its usual level, which this year is no longer enough for a successful performance.

About the Oborin Wings

It is not surprising that the Wings climbed so high. At the beginning of the championship they were scolded for not scoring much. But after all, they miss a little with this. This is a typical team of Sergey Oborin, who is looking for success not in attack, but in defense. Remember the Oborin Amkar? The score 0: 0 was so frequent that it was possible to earn money on this in the bookmaker. But in Perm Oborin did not have such sharp forwards as Marco Topich and Alexei Medvedev. With them, counterattacks began to turn out to be much more effective than those of Amkar. From here came goals and victories, and as a result, the current second place. In addition, in the last round, the team got in, which now most often does not realize advantageous moments. According to the logic of the game, Dynamo was supposed to smash the Wings, the logic did not work in this match, and Wings skillfully took advantage of this. Sergey Oborin once again proved that he is able to squeeze the maximum out of the existing composition. If there are forwards charged to the goal, they will score, and he will somehow teach his team to play on the defensive.

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