“Soon, it will be necessary to go to Bakovka with the keys to the base in Udelnaya and earthly bows ...”

After the victory of Lokomotiv in the Cup, doubts about the online guest that Anatoly Byshovets is a good coach were completely dispelled.


All with a victory! Although I don’t like it when they say so, it really does seem to run back on a red carpet in such a steam room.

12, guest “Aha” (“Locomotive” )


Fate Loko wins the Cup at the Torpedo Stadium, while at the same time in the first league Vadim Evseev loses somewhere in Belgorod with an indecent score.

Nobody, guest “Aha” (“Locomotive” )


Very worried about Slutsky. Why worry so much? You, Leonid, can fly away from the rocking chair ...

lesnoi, guest of Red-Army (CSKA)


Slutsky is a little sorry. It seemed that there would be enough blow in two cases: if FC Moskva lose and if FC Moskva win.

SESTRA PO RAZUMU, guest "Armored train" ("Locomotive")


It is sad to read more than half of the posts. Yes, shitty with the composition. Yes, we do not raise young people like Spartak. Yes, we do not buy cool players, more and more slag. Yes, few fans. But all this was a year and two ago. What to whine after each failure?

hoha, guest of "Moscow"


But Byshovets is still a normal coach.

Metis, guest "Armored train" ("Locomotive")


The schemer and "Byaka went-out-of-our-club" Byshovets won us the first trophy. God forbid, not the last.

death, guest "Aha" ("Locomotive" )


I can’t look at this Loko. Horrible! Why create so many moments, why run fast? They don’t know at all how to play correctly. Apparently, they did not watch yesterday's game of the team under the guidance of an experienced Dutch specialist.

Denis, guest ZIA (“Zenith”)


Yes, the “locomotive” steers in an enchanting attack. I regret that Byshovets is not with us.

nils, guest ZIA (“Zenith”)


How quickly the mood on the book changes! More recently, the AFB was called nothing more than Bysh, an amateur of Goethe, etc. And now - respectfully Anatoly Fedorovich. Congratulations on your victory. Soon, it will be necessary to go to Bakovka with the keys to the base in Udelnaya and earthly bows ...

acorn, guest ZIA (“Zenith”)


I thought I’ll sit down and watch the Cup final. Sat down. After five minutes of viewing, I realized that it was not interesting. Well, in general, I am not interested in watching this action. Turned off, went to fry the chicken.

Basara, guest BB (Spartak)


Had a great day on the Volga. Bathing, sunbathing, skiing, cracking barbecue and drinking wine. At that time, tens of thousands of notorious fans and busers FC Kepka and FC Depot N5 were soaring in the stuffy Luzha, trembling in nervous convulsions from unrealized moments. How I envy them!

mikamo, guest of Red-Army (CSKA)


"Suckers" do not know how to drink. NTV-Plus showed the whole process. Wincing at every throat, especially O`Connor. It's disgusting to watch. It was necessary to fill the cup with kefir ...

Y-77, guest of the Rostov Network Maniacs ("Rostov")


What a rotten tournament, this Russian Cup? Neither the coach nor the winning players really even rejoiced. They clapped their hands sparingly, that's all. Worthless such a Cup, even if the joy of a real victory in it does not bring.

WARRIOR, guest of the Rostov Network Maniacs ("Rostov")


I regret that OIR * threw Andrei Tikhonov away. I regret that Chervichenko was allowed into the club. I regret that OIR dug Sychev's shit out of a pile of shit. I regret that there was no person near the OIR in time who would set Ivanovich’s brains on and not prevent him from turning from a super trainer into a huckster. I regret that Chervichenko put shit into the club by the name of Chernyshov. I regret that Fedun threw Alena. I regret that we could not save Vidic and Pogatets. I do not regret everything else that took place.

Savio_Spb, guest BB (Spartak)


Lord! But it’s okay if I cheer up a bit from the edge, I frustrate for the team that plays (followed by your epithets) the Pletikos foam-sticker, the creeping Shishkin and Kudryashov, the stupid monkey Zheder, the hungover Yiranek and Kovach, the inadequate Torbinsky, the absolutely unstable Sabitov, the pedestrian Titov , limited by Bystrov, two one-plane trees Pavlyuchenko and Dzyuba. Which is trained by the "horse" -the old mediocre Fedotov. For a team that does not have, thank God, mega-defender Okoronkvo, super goalkeeper Zhevnov, Russia's best player Arshavin, creative striker Sychev, stronger than Bystrov, the champion of the Champions League Samedov. For a team that the great master of building teams and staging the game does not train himself A.P. Starkov. Can I get sick here? I'm from the edge. Or is it much better to leave?

Ksyushin dad, guest VV (Spartak)

Wrong wingspan

I would like to say to Fedotov the words of the heroine Nonna Mordyukova in the film “A Simple Story”, addressed to the image of Mikhail Ulyanov: “You are a good man, but not an eagle!”

Horse in the mantle, guest BB (Spartak)


I regret to read that some still count the millions paid for Tymoshchuk. Do not you enjoy his game? In my opinion, this is the only steadily bright spot in the current “Zenith”. I never even dreamed about a player of this level in my own Zenith. That happened! So what? Pity millions of Gazprom? Maybe we will regret that the footage of Medvedev’s Moscow apartment has not exceeded 500 square meters?

Madness, guest ZIA (“Zenith”)


* OIR - Oleg Ivanovich Romantsev

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