Hit on the merits

Championship of Spain. 36th round. The main thing.


“Valencia” officially parted with chances for the championship. Moreover, the “mice” actually suffered from their own - “Villarreal” did not miss the opportunity to prick “big brother”. In Germany, Schalke inherited from its own counterparts along the Ruhr, and now a similar scenario has gone to Valencia. The hosts quickly opened an account, and then could score a few more times - the goalie Villera helped out “Villarreal”. In the second half, the “submariners” recouped by the efforts of the top scorer Diego Forlan, and then completely came forward - with the first touch, Jon Dahl Tomasson scored. Meanwhile, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla won their matches and fled from Valencia for good. Now it is possible that coach Flores will be fired in the offseason - they say that “Valencia” may be headed by Bernd Schuster.


David Beckham. For a long time already so much praise has not fallen on the head of the Englishman - usually Beckham for what only criticize. And then the coach Fabio Capello, who once put Beckham out of the team, said that the midfielder deserves to play in the England team. And the Spanish journalists who are quick to reprisal do not spare epithets - in recent matches Beckham shows the game of the highest class. With Deportivo, the Englishman was again one of the best - his famous programs broke the defense of the Galician club. As a result, Real Madrid took another step towards the championship, and Steve McLaren did the same about public opinion: for the first time since the World Cup in Germany, Beckham was on the list of players called up to the national team. There were even rumors that he could remain in Europe, although the owners of the Los Angeles Galaxy indignantly refute this information.


Ronaldinho. For the Brazilian player, the match against Getafe started extremely well - already in the second minute he scored the 20th goal in the championship. However, already at the end of the first half, the game for Ronaldinho ended - the Brazilian, who repeatedly received kicks from his rivals, could not resist and waved off Belenger defender. Ronaldinho got to that very place, without which a real man is inconceivable, and the repeat clearly hinted that the Brazilian was aiming there. Arbitrator Perez Burrul showed the leader of Barca a red card, and Ronaldinho should miss the end of the season: disqualification for this is usually rather big. You can understand Ronaldinho - they beat him in every match, but you still need to restrain himself.


Osasuna defeats Sociedad. The venerable conspiracy theorists were convinced that in this match will win the one who needs it most. Osasuna doesn’t solve any problems already in the championship, while Sociedad is struggling to survive. However, Osasuna proved that fair play is not an empty phrase for her. Not once in all 90 minutes of the match did the players from Pamplona give a reason to doubt their intentions and confidently beat the super-motivated opponent.


Those who bow down ask for forgiveness. In the previous round, two teams flew into the chimney at once - the finalist of the UEFA Cup Espanyol lost to getafe on their field, and Atletico acted as a punching bag for Barcelona. In the 36th round, both clubs did everything to rehabilitate themselves before the fans - Espanyol won away from Recreativo and Atletico won against Nastik. It is clear that shame will not be forgotten so quickly, but at least the first step towards oblivion has already been taken.


Andres D'Alessandro scores a goal with a direct kick from the corner.


Real Madrid won 6 consecutive victories in recent matches. It is interesting that the German champion Stuttgart, like Real Madrid, which was not the main favorite of the championship, won eight times in a row at the finish line. If Real Madrid repeats this series, it will become the champion of Spain.


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