Viruses that live only in RAM

The zoo of every possible viruses grows every year, the blessing of imagination to their founders not to occupy. Of course, antiviruses successfully cope with a number of the most common malicious programs, moreover, even their free versions or built into the OS itself. They have also learned to fight with popular encryption companies (there is a section on decryption or code generation services on websites of well-known anti-virus companies, if you know the wallet or email to which the authors of the malware ask to transfer funds).

Dressing up science: Richard Feynman and Al Hibbs costume parties

Unlike Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or Yale, universities and institutes in Southern California have always been characterized by a more relaxed and informal culture. When you get pleasure from surfing and sand, and the weather tends to sunbathe and dive with a snorkel, it is very difficult to spend all your time in laboratories and libraries. Even walking along the sunny streets of Pasadena - which are much closer to the mountains than to the ocean - and watching the gentle breeze swing palm trees, thoughts of entertainment and leprosy no, no, and interrupt any prolonged attack of seriousness.

Why did the light arrive 1.7 seconds later than gravitational waves when neutron stars merge?

On August 17, after traveling for 130 million years, a signal in the form of gravitational waves from two neutron stars moving towards each other in a spiral in the final stages of the merger arrived on Earth . After the collision of the surfaces of two stars, the signal abruptly ended, and silence fell. And although these remains of stars with a diameter of perhaps only 20 km, moved at a speed of about 30% of the light, immediately after the collision we did not see anything. And only 1.7 seconds later, the first signal arrived: light in the form of gamma rays. Where does the delay come from?

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